This is me, Lenora | 41 years old, mother of 3 wonderful children and an entrepreneur. Together we live in bustling Amsterdam in the Netherlands. For some a very busy city, but I think that describes us well: busy, vibrant and sociable!

That busy – vibrant and sociable life involves a lot of planning and organizing. Just let that be something that will make me buzz!

I would like to take you into the world of Lady Prosperity. Where I share my experiences & insights about

– Online business

– Virtual assistance

– And a good work/life balance as an (online) working mother

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”

LENORA | Online Business manager | Personal Assistant | Virtual Assistant Coach

Latest blogposts:

Planning & Organisation

Digital planning | What you need to plan effectively

Digital planning is a great way to get rid of paper use. This alone will make a big difference in...
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Planning & Organisation

Brain dump with the Mind Map | simple steps for creating peace of mind

MIND MAPPING – simple steps for creating peace of mind So I lie in bed and think: "Nice to go...
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Planning & Organisation

Planning & Organizing | Benefits & the What – Why & How about it.

Planning & Organizing I didn't realise it was even a thing to talk about. But now I can't shut up...
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Hey beautiful reader, Great to see you here. I want to talk about a part of me & my business...
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Edification Faith

Let’s have Prosperity in visions, dreams & goals

You might hear people talk about visions - dreams and goals. And they are great beautiful things to work towards....
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Let’s have Prosperity with God

The journey to Prosperity in the Way, the Truth & the Life Today I want to talk about prosperity and...
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Health Wellness

Let’s have Prosperity in Health | a healthy perspective on prosperity

Last week I talked about "What is Prosperity and where to find it". But I always find one particular part...
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What is Prosperity & where to find it

With my blogposts on Lady Prosperity I like to talk about the subjects to my quote: "Let's have Prosperity in...
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Business Planning & Organisation

Grand opening | my Lady Prosperity Canva store

Something new has arrived! And I can't wait to share this with you. My new Canva Store is online. And...
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Planning & Organisation

Stress prevention | Plan like Lady Prosperity

So what exactly is the problem that can play a role. You could then think of: a pandemic like Covid-19,...
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Live your dreams

LENORA | Lady Prosperity

Love your neighbour as yourself,

Wellness is something we should allow ourselves. We live in a time where everything is moving quickly and we are required to act quickly. In this day and age it is also very important that we are kind to ourselves. Giving love starts with giving love to ourself. And out of the abundance, you will give another what you have.

“Let’s have Prosperity in Life”